About us

For the past two decades or more, we have purchased our Christmas trees from our church. It’s a fun family tradition, as we always took the kids (now the grandchildren), watched them run around the “forest” of wonderland-like options, and left having unanimously selected what we believed to be the biggest, prettiest and fullest tree on the lot. The joy and the memories have so artfully etched our hearts and minds over the years that none of us could imagine celebrating the Christmas season without the continuance of this nostalgic outing. 


But as life will sometimes have it, 2018 cut a rough edge into those imaginations. We learned that our church would have no trees to sell that season, as its longtime vendor had “accidentally lost" their order.

​Word on the street was that this was no accident but that their trees had instead been sold to a higher bidder. While this was truly a bummer for us as a family, we were doubly saddened when we learned that Christmas tree sales had historically been our church’s biggest annual fundraiser. We soon learned that other churches in our area had suffered similar fates. ​

While this revelation may have angered some, it emboldened Dan Bacon, retired US Navy man for whom the spirit of service and perseverance is inborn, to do something about it. Being a homegrown Wisconsinite who now lived in Virginia, he contacted his brother Steve, still in Wisconsin, and together they decided to buy what has now become Bacon Brothers Timber, a Christmas tree farm whose primary mission is to serve first the churches of the community in order that they never be left treeless again. 



While ensuring that every church that needs them is supplied with Christmas trees to fund and feed their flocks, Bacon Brothers Timber also seeks to deliver directly to the doors of individuals and families who would prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of the traditional tree hunt.  

Understanding that the 2019 generation was a fast-paced, instant-information and direct-delivery culture, Bacon Brothers Timber was the first to offer door-to-door delivery of its Christmas trees for those who are less interested in “tradition” and more interested in “expedience” during the busiest time of the year.  

Planting the "seed" in 2019, Bacon Brothers Timber aims to be the premiere vendor in offering nothing but the freshest, greenest and highest quality trees to brighten the season for churches, families and individuals who embrace the peace, love, joy and hope that Christmas illuminates with all that it

Also honoring the memory of Mike Bacon, our beloved "third Bacon Brother," who will always be with us in blessed spirit.